Homework Solutions: A Teacher’s Guide


How educators can provide encouragement and support for the student who has trouble with homework.


The homework turn-in rate for students with ADHD is about 50%. This thoughtful guidebook presents action steps for teachers, third grade and up, to assist the student who fails to complete or procrastinates homework or whose desk is disorganized. It shows how the teacher can explain benefits of homework, be clear about what homework should and shouldn’t be, identify home-school conflict patterns, improve the students’ focused attention and effective questioning, help students stay responsible and alert, decrease stress responses to homework, use the best learning channel, teach students how to work smarter rather than harder, help with goal setting, solve emotion-based impairments of homework performance, dismantle power struggles, teach scheduling and backward planning for homework time, create the best learning atmosphere, and provide additional forms of support.

Author: Victoria Olivadoti

ISBN: 978-09713-30245

Pages: 124


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