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Real Answers for Sensory Processing Impairments
May 19th-21st 2020

Real Answers for Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder)
June 15th – 17th

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How to Get Out of the Ignore-Nag-Yell-Punish Cycle

Good discipline doesn’t mean an endless parade of nagging, scolding, time-outs, or punishments. Instead, it emphasizes preventing misbehavior in the first place, confronting promptly when misbehavior occurs, then guiding the child or teen toward improved self-control in the future.  More information about this webinar.

Please Sit Still, Pay Attention & Get Your Schoolwork Done!

This two-hour webinar features a kaleidoscope of practical no-cost teaching strategies and classroom techniques that teachers as well as your student (K-12) will enjoy using to improve attention and concentration and control excessive energy and fidgeting. More information about this webinar.

Care and Feeding of Your Child’s Brain

This two-hour webinar shows you how these various factors inter-relate to either enhance or disrupt your child’s brain functioning on any particular day, regardless of the presence or absence of serious mental health impairments such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. More information about this webinar.

Mega-answers for ADHD, With and Without Hyperactivity

This two-hour webcast presents high-powered methods of assisting children and teens with ADHD, whether or not they have hyperactivity. ADHD reflects a lot more than disrupted brain functioning; other body parts are usually involved, Dr. Taylor, a leading authority on this topic, will explain what to watch out for when helping someone who has ADHD.  More information about this webinar.

Over 50 Sleep Solutions for Kids and Teens

Adequate sleep is essential for your child’s success at school and for self-control, mental alertness and emotional control during the day. Sleeping pills aren’t the answer. More information about this webinar.

How to REALLY Bully-Proof Your Child

School violence, shootings and cyber-bullying are very real threats for today’s children and teens. A sense of personal safety is basic to emotional health and essential for happiness and success at school and within the community. Waiting for the police to solve everything isn’t the answer. More information about this webinar.

Encouraging the Discouraged Child or Teen

How can you help lonely, under-assertive, disrespected, unappreciated, victimized, or academically under-performing children and teens? Learn how in this webinar.

Wise Stress Management: Real Answers for Anxiety

This reassuring webinar details the four major types of self-calming. It explains the telltale signs of emotional and physical overload, and how to prevent stress build-up with routine stress-prevention activities. Learn how in this webinar.

Mornings with a Touch-Defensive Child

When the kiddo wakes up and just wants to be left alone. What can you do to help sooth and welcome them to a new day? Learn how in this webinar.

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Empathy Webinar

Anger Webinar - Part I

Anger Webinar - Part II

Anger Webinar - Part III

The 5 Types of Misbehavior

Friendship Skills

Cooperation with Routines

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Upgrade Your Intimacy with Your Child

The Lowdown on Natural Consequences

Bedtime and Tuck Ins

The Art of Helping Your Child

Teaching Kids How to Apologize

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