Team-Building Activities For Every Group


Improve cohesion and performance in any organized work or therapy group of children or teens.


This clever guidebook describes 107 interactive games and activities that are fun, easy to lead, nonthreatening, high energy, unique and require minimal resources and props. Strong bonding among members who feel important and valued as group members is a foundation of creating a healthy group process. These activities help the members of any team get to know one another, become a more bonded and cohesive functioning unit, build trust, enhance communication, learn to become more comfortable with each other, and open up.

They are suitable for therapy groups, youth groups, church groups, sports teams, camps, or any other group who must work together. Each activity is described with its teaching objective, appropriate group size, any materials needed, step-by-step description of how to lead it, and guided discussion questions to enhance the impact of the experience. Sixteen of the activities are get-acquainted mixers, 11 are designed to get any group laughing and feeling joy in being with each other; 65 involve discussion of participants’ learning and feelings during the activity, and 15 involve deeper discussions, sharing of insights, affirmation of each other, and sharing of feelings.

Author: Alanna Jones

ISBN: 09662-34162

Pages: 188


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