Transition Tips and Tricks for Teachers


Fun ways to help PreK-3 students stay calm and avoid sensory overload during transitions.


Unstructured moments in classrooms mean trouble for students with ADHD as well as their teachers and classmates, in large part because of the myriads of sensory processing impairments that occur in children with ADHD. With over 150 chants, puppet plays, movement songs, crafts and similar engaging activities, this book provides a wealth of suggestions for providing memorable and engaging experiences between classes and during the opening and closing of each school day. They are portrayed in convenient categories including starting the day, group and circle activities, cleaning up, lining up and moving, finger and puppet plays, rainy-day fun, singing and rhyming, tell and draw stories, behavior and classroom management tips, and ending the school day.

Author: Jean Feldman, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-08765-92168

Pages: 212


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