Homework Solutions: A Parent’s Guide



How parents can provide encouragement and support for the student who has trouble with homework.



The homework turn-in rate for students with ADHD is about 50%. This book presents action steps for parents to  bring homework hassles to a halt. Geared to the student having trouble addressing and completing homework for third grade and up, it presents understandable, reassuring ways any parent can help make homework a more pleasant, unifying experience within the family. Topics include identifying homework snags, decreasing homework-based stresses, understanding the benefits of homework, establishing an organizational plan, avoiding perfectionism, helping the student set realistic homework goals, facilitating the place and time for effective study at home, coordinating with educators, refuting “excuses” for not doing homework, and related strategies.


Author:      Victoria Olivadoti


ISBN:         978-09713-30238


Pages:       94


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