Transition Time: Let’s Do Something Different!



Over 400 brief high-interest activities for early childhood settings keep students fully attentive, including those with ADHD.




Unstructured moments in classrooms mean trouble for students with ADHD as well as their teachers and classmates, in large part because of the myriads of sensory processing impairments that occur in children with ADHD. This book depicts activities for every time of the school day to elevate periods between planned activities into teachable moments. They are clustered in terms of good morning, clean-up, let’s eat and nap, finger plays and chants, stories and language activities, circle time fun, attention getters, active games, pocketful of songs, and end-of-day activities. It also includes tips for planning for transitions at school or preschool as well as suggestions for class discipline.


Author:      Jean Feldman, Ph.D.


ISBN:         978-08765-91734


Pages:       278


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