Time Timer, 8-inch diameter



This durable, attractive Time Timer allows children, teens and adults to “feel” the passage of elapsed time.



Inability to sense accurately the passage of time is a sensory processing impairment common in ADHD, autism, and other conditions. At last there is a practical answer: a simple visual depiction of elapsed time as the red dial gets smaller minute-by-minute. Simply move the red disk counterclockwise to the desired time interval, any duration up to two hours. It is ideal for adults supervising children. A teacher can set time limits, measure the duration of activities, monitor standardized and time-limited tests, and regulate computer time. At home it outperforms buzzers, bells, and clocks. The Time Timer is durable, featuring high color resolution, large dial numbers, and ultra-quiet quartz movement. It even comes with a base for free-standing operation on a countertop or desk, and can also be wall-mounted.


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