The Gift of Adult ADD



An upbeat guide for adults with ADHD.



This uplifting guide focuses on the hidden blessings, positive aspects, and life-improving potentials within ADHD traits. The title would have better been “Gifts” of ADD, and they are described in real-life terms throughout the book. It helps the reader transform apparent weaknesses into strengths to improve relationship skills, job performance, parenting skills, and overall quality of life. The “gifts” include vision and curiosity, innovation, emotional intensity, fitting in, paying more attention to details, sharpening listening skills, resilience from challenges, inventorying your roles as a parent, harnessing creativity and imagination, capitalizing on artistic talent, becoming a trailblazer, interpersonal intuition skills, well-aimed exuberance, and emotional expressiveness.


Author:      Lara Honos-Webb, Ph.D.


ISBN:         978-15722-45655


Pages:       236


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