The Social Success Workbook for Teens



Forty self-guiding activities to help teens and tweens with autism spectrum disorder or conditions with similar social skills impairments.



Suitable for independent use by the reader or accompanied by a parent or helping professional while using it, this workbook helps the reader who has ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (former called Asperger’s disorder) or similar impairments in social judgment and relational skills.  It is ideal for presenting nonthreatening ways to help the reader learn to get along more smoothly with others at home, at school, and in group settings. The topics range widely in content and are explained in clear terms, and the accompanying activities involve filling in blank lines or drawing a picture. Topics include how to survey what I like and dislike, sense my feeling states, understand differing points of view, decide about self-change, handle anger and frustration, adapt to changed plans, become and stay calmer, be prepared for challenging situations, control my self-talk, make and keep friends, improve conversational skills, choose clothing wisely to improve personal appearance, and related skills.


Author:      Barbara Cooper & Nancy Widdows


ISBN:         978-15722-46140


Pages:       136


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