The Survival Guide for Kids with Behavior Challenges



Help teens & tweens make better choices to stay out of trouble and improve adjustment.



This book explains to teens and tweens how to reduce acting-out at school, in the community, and within the family. It can be used independently by the reader or accompanied by a helpful adult.  It provides specific easy-to-understand actions and decisions that the teen or tween can make to meet the underlying needs correctly and thus stop disruptive acting-out. The book shows the reader how to make smarter choices and wiser assertions, build self-esteem, talk with someone you trust, stop and think before choosing, self-calm efficiently, use “I”-messages,  improve relationships with teachers, choose and keep higher quality friends, practice self-care, sharpen listening skills, develop positive change strategies, and related actions.


Author:      Tom McIntyre, Ph.D.


ISBN:         978-15754-24491


Pages:       188


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