The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens



This workbook helps teens deal with positive and negative stress more effectively.



Suitable for independent use by the teen reader or accompanied by a parent or helping professional while using it, this workbook improves skills at dealing with positive and negative stresses. The topics range widely in content and are explained in clear terms, and the accompanying activities involve filling in blank lines or drawing a picture. This book shows the teen reader how to recognize good vs. bad stress and its physical and emotional effects, clarify thoughts and feelings, and understand mind-body factors. It shows the reader how to identify specific stressors, use mindfulness as a therapeutic approach, live in the present moment, enjoy integration of the senses, employ mindful eating habits, improve schoolwork, benefit from breathing and meditation strategies, accept congruent emotions, use thought chaining, stop negative thoughts and self-judgments, choose wise coping options, recognize personal talents and strengths, benefit from self-care without selfishness, accept uncontrollable factors, cope better with painful situations, think clearly before taking action, and employ related skills.


Author:      Gina Biegel


ISBN:         978-15722-46973


Pages:       120


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