The Autism Playbook for Teens



A creative self-help guide to help teens on the autism spectrum stay calmer and improve relatedness to others.




Intended for the teen with autism to read, this book tackles the difficult problem of helping the teen reader utilize powers of curiosity, observation, and imagination. Incorporating modern mindfulness and imagination-based strategies, it introduces a wide assortment of therapeutic activities to help the reader reduce anxiety, manage emotions better, stay in the present moment with mental alertness, and improve emotional connecting to others. The experiences focus on body-awareness and thought-awareness and often involve contemplative moments in front of a mirror or while in a relaxed body position. Topics include sensory focusing experiences, relaxation strategies, becoming more aware of body sensations of stress and of relief, identifying feelings, reducing anger moments, improving self-esteem, engaging in self-advocacy, and related issues.  Many of the activities are probably best accomplished under the direction of a skilled therapist, in order to assure the intended results.


Author:      Irene McHenry, Ph.D. & Carol Moog, Ph.D.


ISBN:         978-16262-50093


Pages:       154


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