The Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond



Full-color pictures of people interacting portray right and wrong ways to handle common social situations to assist teens and young adults with social communication challenges, intellectual deficits, autism and conditions with similar impairments.



Social skills difficulties are prominent components of the symptom picture in ADHD, autism, and associated conditions. Using the same unique method of photographs contrasting correct vs. incorrect performance of social skills as its companion volume for children, this outstanding book is ideal for assisting adolescents and adults with conditions involving impaired social awareness. It depicts real-life situations and shows the reader how to make friends, greet and say good-bye, join ongoing conversations, respect others’ space, work cooperatively within a group, ask for help effectively when needed, deal with forbidden topics, rebound from mistakes, and prepare for a job interview.


Author: Jed Baker, Ph.D.


ISBN 978-19325-65355


Pages 204


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