Great Group Games for Kids



150 captivating games that improve cooperation, friendliness, problem-solving, and self-esteem of special-needs children and their peers in any group setting.



Emphasizing that learning through play is a fun and powerful way to teach positive values, this book provides thorough descriptions of how to engage children in 150 games. They energize any group discussion or activity, encourage positive values, improve friendships and help refine interpersonal communication skills. Because they involve various combinations of sensory experiences and movement and don’t demand high intellect, many are excellent for use with children who have sensory processing impairments (ADHD, LD, autism, etc.). Topics range widely and include name-based games, get-acquainted games, mixers and ice-breakers, fun friendship starters, conversation games, group dynamics activities, personality detail games, diversity appreciation, creative team play, relays and races, balloon games, gym and playground movement games, marshmallow and water play, values expression activities, individual and team challenges and courses, celebrations, and quick break activities.


Author:      Susan Ragsdale & Ann Saylor


ISBN:         978-15748-22847


Pages:       228


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