Positive Prescriptions for Negative Parenting


Identify and redeem the most common forms of maladaptive parenting.


Maladaptive parenting often develops in families with children who have a variety of psychiatric conditions, including ADHD. This quick-reference manual is intended for mental health professionals (including school counselors) and could also be helpful for others concerned with child abuse and neglect issues. Based on his decades of practice as a psychotherapist helping stressed families, Dr. John Taylor summarizes in this book step-by-step guidelines for identifying and reducing the twelve most common patterns of maladaptive parenting. For each pattern this book presents telltale indications, motivational mechanisms of the parent, likely emotional responses and outcomes for the child victim, and some of the most effective counseling interventions. The patterns are five forms of abuse (verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, and ritual), child neglect, and six forms of excessive service (overindulgence, pity, overprotection, nagging, infantilization, and hypervigilance). This manual also equips newly trained counselors for a more successful experience, because these patterns will reappear often in their caseloads throughout their careers.

Author: John F. Taylor, Ph.D.

ISBN: 18840-63810

Pages: 46


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