Look What You Can Make with Paper Bags



Develop eye-hand, visual and other sensory skills with over 80 pictured craft projects using paper bags of various sizes.



Keeping fidgety hands busy is crucial to management of children with hyperactivity. Arts and crafts are the ideal upgrade from hours of empty “screen time,” in part because they develop eye-hand coordination skills. Each book in the “Look What You Can Make” series features over 80 no-cost/low-cost craft projects from common household items that are suitable for ages 3 through 12. The projects are presented with full-color photographs and simple step-by-step instructions. A ‟what you will need” list accompanies each craft, so that you can complete it nonstop. They address eye-hand coordination, manual dexterity, tactile and visual skills, and provide other benefits and teaching points of arts and crafts—perseverance, goal accomplishment, creativity, and just plain fun.

Author:    Judy Burke (ed.)


ISBN:    978-15639-77176


Pages:    48


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