Apps for Autism



The world’s most comprehensive guide to computer apps relevant to autism and related conditions.



This mammoth volume provides detailed descriptions and illustrations of the screen pictures of over 200 computer applications relevant to autism. Many are also helpful to individuals with other conditions. They enhance areas of personal performance and coping by addressing issues including voice output, sign language, articulation, encouragement, listening skills, auditory sensory processing, language comprehension, vocabulary, concept development, video modeling, social skills, eye contact, body language reading, hygiene, graphic organizers, visual timers, sound masking, handwriting, muscle and movement coordination, reading comprehension, spelling, math, dysphagia, aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, stuttering, information about autism, gluten-free eating, and related topics.


Author:       Lois Brady


ISBN:         978-19417-65005


Pages:       460

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