Social Skills Matter! Over 80 Mini-Books to Teach Essential Social Skills


Use fun multi-sensory experiences to teach PK-2 students key social skills.


This giant volume consists of photocopiable masters for 84 eight-page booklets. The topics are clustered into seven areas: communication, cooperative play, learning about feelings, keeping calm, manners, my day at school, and school routines. The masters are conveniently designed so that the finished booklets can ber colored or painted by the children. They thus present multi-sensory experiences through reading the brief messages on each page, listening to the words being read, and eye-hand skills involved with coloring and manipulating the booklets. For example the twelve booklets portraying communication have these titles: saying hello and goodbye, asking questions, taking turns, sticking to the topic, making eye contact, telling the truth, using good (polite) words, some things to talk about, my favorite thing to talk about, compliments, interrupting, and using my words.

Author: Christine Schwab et al

ISBN: 978-14838-00158

Pages: 384


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