Raising Kids Who Can


A parent guide to family meetings, encouragement principles and effective discipline.



Excellent as a guide for parents, this book details the use of regular family meetings as part of creating a healthy, loving emotional environment for children. This book presents many aspects of parenting science advocated by Dr. John Taylor in his seminars and resources. With regard to family meetings, it depicts how to begin a family meeting, create the agenda, lead and keep a record, seek wise solutions, prevent common pitfalls, and modify for unique family circumstances. With regard to parenting science, it depicts key emotional supports, encouragement techniques, avoiding destructive parenting styles, maintaining mutual respect, freedom within limits, and related issues also advocated by Dr. Taylor.


Author:     Betty Lou Bettner, Ph.D. & Amy Lew, Ph.D.


ISBN:        978-09624-84124


Pages:      160


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