Our Children Are … What Our Children Eat



The definitive book on the effects of nutrition on behavior of children in general and of children with ADHD in particular, complete with numerous scientific references.



Nutritional treatment of ADHD is gaining increased acceptance as the growing body of scientific studies continues to validate it. This book gives one of the most authoritative and thorough portrayals in print about the influence of nutrition, digestive processes, toxic chemical exposures and food allergies as factors in ADHD.  Topics include how micro- and macro-nutrients affect brain and behavior, the digestive system‵s involvement with ADHD, foods to offer and those to avoid, toxinsulation and detox treatment approaches, enhancing digestive processes, using ‟therapeutic” foods, the importance of pure water, coordinating dietary intervention at school, and it even includes a 90-day diet plan for ADHD.

Author:    Laura Thompson, Ph.D.


ISBN:    978-19313-59030


Pages:    260


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