How to REALLY Bully-Proof Your Child



School violence, shootings and cyber-bullying are very real threats for today’s children and teens. A sense of personal safety is basic to emotional health and essential for happiness and success at school and within the community. Waiting for the police to solve everything isn’t the answer.

Drawing on his over 45 years of practice as a family therapist specializing in ADHD and at-risk children and teens, Dr. John F. Taylor has become a renowned author and premiere authority on child-rearing and family life. Children and teens with ADHD are over-represented as both victims and perpetrators of bullying. His rich clinical practice has been the basis for his refining of sensible, teachable methods to resolve “both sides” of bullying: guiding children and teens to attain emotional safety and the assertion skills that prevent victimization, as well as improving self-control, conscience, and anger management skills that prevent children and teens from becoming bullies.

Now he shares the numerous ways YOU can help equip ANY child or teen to have REAL ANSWERS to the threat of being bullied, whether those threats come in person, at school, in public or play settings, or through electronic means. Dr. Taylor’s suggestions are safe and sane, powerful, effective, and easy to accomplish, regardless of the child’s or teen’s psychiatric status.

This webinar will equip you to help any child or teen:

  • Recognize all types of bullying
  • Identify risk factors of becoming a target
  • Learn the tell-tale signs of being bullied
  • Develop social assertion skills to ward off potential bullies
  • Get help from adults and peers
  • Know what NOT to do at a potential bullying moment
  • Learn how to sidetrack a potential bully
  • …and much, much more


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