Wise Stress Management: Real Answers for Anxiety



Stress is a necessary and helpful accompaniment to living, but when the stress load is greater than a child’s or teen’s coping ability, stress-related problems develop. Even minimal stress can be overwhelming in the absence of good coping skills, whereas refined coping skills open the door for greater resilience against stress. Anxiety results from blocked attempts at assertions hat would conceivably help reduce the stress. This two-hour webinar provides answers for helping any child or teen improve overall stress coping and calmness, even in the face of adverse experiences.

This reassuring webinar details the four major types of self-calming. It explains the telltale signs of emotional and physical overload, and how to prevent stress build-up with routine stress-prevention activities. It shows you how to find and develop the best balance of sleep, exercise, recreation, and creative pursuits. It also discusses how to organize your approach to work through any list of seemingly overwhelming tasks and deadlines. Dr. Taylor shares special procedures for improved coping before and during an especially stressful event, as well as three crucial steps to take after a stress event. He instructs in deep breathing, progressive relaxation, positive imagery and additional methods of improving stress coping ability.

After participating in this webinar, you will become better able to assist any child or teen decrease anxiety and cope better with stress. Specific methods include helping children and teens:

  • Understand what anxiety is and how to prevent it
  • Utilize all four types of self-calming effectively
  • Recognize their own stress levels and overload states
  • Develop healthier habits of sleep, exercise and recreation
  • Work through any set of duties or deadlines with less stress
  • Reduce anxiety before, during and after any significant stress event
  • And much, much more…


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