Helping Your ADD Child, 3rd edition



One of the most comprehensive, scientifically validated what-to-do ADHD guides, a landmark publication by Dr. John F. Taylor.



This massive volume contains all the extras you’d expect in a definitive guidebook to assist children and teens with ADHD, whether or not they are hyperactive. The ‟Fun Idea List” and many other forms available on this website are from this book. It features birth-to-five developmental norms, information on common symptom-worsening chemical exposure sources, a 239-entry glossary, over 100 chapter-by-chapter scientific journal citations and information sources, and 117 chapter-by-chapter discussion questions for group study by parents or professionals. Replete with hundreds of practical insider suggestions gleaned from Dr. Taylor’s decades of helping these families, it even includes how to get them to sleep at night, what to serve for Thanksgiving and how to prevent Halloween from being a disaster. It explains how to implement the major treatment intervention pathways, including pharmaceuticals, nutrition, avoiding toxic chemical exposure (toxinsulation), sensory-motor interventions, and academic accommodations. It also details psycho-social considerations, including sibling rivalry, marital stresses, improving family harmony, self-esteem and friendship skill building, positive play experiences, handling holiday stresses, preventing and counteracting misbehavior, getting the best professional help, and how to organize a local support group.


Author:        John F. Taylor, Ph.D.

ISBN:    07615-27567


Pages:    406


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