Help Students with Out-of-class Performance


Helping students out of the classroom


Help Students with Out-of-classroom Performance: Tests, Long-term Assignments and Homework

This webinar features practical no-cost strategies that help most students improve success at doing homework, whether due the next day or over a period of several days or weeks. Essays and book reports can be particularly challenging, especially for students who have difficulty with long-term planning and organizing of their effort. You and your students (grades 4-12) will enjoy using them to improve efficiency at taking class notes, studying for tests, accomplishing day-to-day homework, and performing well on long-term assignments. Many of these methods were developed on students with LD, ADHD, sensory processing impairments, and other learning challenges but also work well with most students. Here’s your chance to learn how to bring students to a new, higher level of accomplishment from their out-of-classroom efforts. As a result, they are more likely to become more attentive, participatory and productive in class.  Many of these strategies are described and demonstrated in Dr. Taylor’s books, booklets, and audio and video productions in this subject area.


    • Cite at least four shortcuts to streamline and simplify students’ class note taking
    • List at least four ways students can detect future test items within a teacher’s lecture
    • Demonstrate how to construct an organized notebook
    • Explain the links in the homework chain-how to:
      • Understand and record the assignment
      • Take correct materials home
      • Choose the best time to do the homework
      • Complete the homework in one session
      • Take completed homework to school
      • Turn it in on time
    • Clarify a least five homework supports parents can provide
    • Demonstrate how to construct and use a long-term assignment calendar
    • Describe a reliable method for memorizing test facts
    • Clarify ideal student preparations as test time approaches
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