Classroom Success for the LD and ADHD Child



A classic, thorough teacher’s guide for educating the student with LD and/or ADHD.



About 40% of students with LD also have ADHD, and about 40% of students with ADHD also have LD. All students with either diagnosis have have sensory processing impairments. With numerous real-life examples of successful teaching efforts, this book has become a classic in this field over the years, reflecting a great deal of wisdom and numerous penetrating insights into how best to reach and teach these students. Topics include working toward a successful school outcome by recognizing both conditions in a student, using recommended grade-specific accommodations, getting the best help, exploring the uniqueness and gifts the student has, getting parental cooperation, encouraging creativity, wise classroom behavior management, adjusting materials and assignments, adjusting homework demands, and adapting testing procedures and grading.


Author:    Suzanne Stevens


ISBN:       978-08958-71596


Pages:     348


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