The Dyslexia Checklist



A comprehensive parent-teacher guide to dyslexia in children and teens.



Many students with LD also have ADHD, and many students with ADHD also have LD. All students with either diagnosis have sensory processing impairments, and the most common LD is dyslexia, commonly described as difficulty with reading. Replete with numerous checklists and resource citations, this book provides hundreds of specific strategies for classroom, home, and clinical settings. Topics include research-based characteristics of dyslexic impairments, strengths and assets of students with dyslexia, diagnosis, intervention programs, parent-teacher coordination, key instructional components, gifted-dyslexic students, helping with language and writing, resolving self-esteem and homework issues, improving organization and time management, accommodations in the classroom, memory aids, and related issues.


Author:    Sandra Rief & Judith Stern


ISBN:       978-04704-29815


Pages:     323


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