ADD/ADHD Drug Free



Use sensory-motor and educational methods to reduce ADHD symptoms.



While not giving a panoramic overview of all available interventions, this book is one of the few to give accurate, helpful guidance about using sensory-motor (skin and muscle) interventions. As such, it can open up new vistas for most parents and teachers. Topics include brain characteristics in ADHD, when medications aren’t the answer, adapting to the student’s learning style, parental self-care measures, handling behavior issues, and related interventions.  The sensory-motor interventions for home and school are clustered into these areas: logical-math, body-kinesthetic, intra-personal, musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, interpersonal, and verbal-linguistic. These activities are suitable for use at home by parents, in classrooms by educators, and in clinical settings by therapists.


Author:    Frank Jacobelli & L. A. Watson


ISBN:       978-08144-00944


Pages:     214


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