Goodnight Mind: Get a Good Night’s Sleep



How older teens and adults can put a buffer between busy thoughts and getting to sleep.


Difficulty getting to sleep is a common part of the adult ADHD symptom picture. This handy guide focuses on how to manage thoughts at the end of the day in order to settle into restful sleep, regardless of the presence or absence of ADHD symptoms and anxiety or turmoil from the day. Topics include building up enough fatigue to trigger deep sleep, setting a good sleep schedule, quieting your mind at bedtime, switching from active to sleepy, managing thought pressure better, using “good sleeper” thinking, focusing on positives from the day, and accepting imperfections about sleep.


Author:   Colleen Carney, Ph.D. & Rachel Manber, Ph.D.


ISBN:       978-16088-26186


Pages:          186


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