You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!


One of the most highly regarded guides for older teens and adults with ADHD.



This book has become quite popular because it contains so many nuances for improving day-to-day coping with ADHD and its accompanying sensory processing impairments.  Written by two persons with ADHD, this self-help guide for adults can also help older teens under supervision of their parent. The chapter on sexuality, while presented with care and sensitivity, may be too frank to be suitable for some teens without the aid of comment by the parent. Topics include unleashing your potential, understanding your limitations, coping day-to-day, different doesn’t mean defective, attaining balance in life, relating to friends and groups, intimacy and sexuality, getting along on the job, dating and family issues, mealtime issues, staying organized, improving memory and mental efficiency, meditation and relaxation, pharmaceutical treatment and non-pharmaceutical alternatives, emotional balance and mental health, improving decision-making, and related issues.


Author:     Kate Kelly & Peggy Ramundo


ISBN:       978-07432-64488


Pages:     474


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