Why Can’t My Child Behave?



A comprehensive guide for treating ADHD, autism, and certain other conditions by eliminating exposure to toxins.



This pace-setting guide is the most comprehensive book in print about how to decrease and prevent psychiatric symptoms by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals. It unfolds the history of this method and gives the reader detailed guidance in using it. It is especially relevant for reducing symptoms of ADHD, autism and associated spectrum conditions, Tourette’s disorder, and organic brain syndromes. Topics include violence and other societal effects of toxins, gaining the child’s cooperation when reducing toxic exposure, keeping a diet diary, hidden toxins in food, toxins in plant phenols, getting the entire family involved, adolescent issues, physician and hospital involvements, adaptations for seasons and holidays, controlling toxic exposure at school, improving social skills, controlling toxins when traveling, going to camp, babies and toxins, household chemical exposures, non-ADHD reactions to toxins, and allergy-ADHD issues. Appendices include a list of common toxins and an interesting analysis of several key scientific studies.


Author:    Jane Hersey


ISBN:        09651-10508


Pages:      398

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