Why Can’t I Eat That!



Dr. John Taylor’s comprehensive guide for how to get infants through teens to eat what they are supposed to eat and avoid eating what they are supposed to avoid.



Nutritional intervention is usually helpful for ADHD and autism, as well as over 60 other psychiatric and medical conditions. It’s hard enough to get children to eat healthy, but when a child is on a special medical diet of any kind, the task can become monumental. This reassuring book provides comprehensive answers to this difficult dilemma.  It details the psychology of getting kids to follow any prescribed dietary guidelines for the symptom complexes and diseases for which long-term diets are often employed as part of treatment.  This book helps parents understand their own feelings about enforcing dietary measures, encourage the child’s self-care, provide sufficient guidance and structure as dietary discipline, engage help from siblings and professionals, get cooperation at school, prepare for holidays and away-from-home times, help the child at the hospital, avoid marital stress from dietary issues, and accomplish myriads of other important steps toward the successful employment of dietary measures with the child.

Author:   John F. Taylor, Ph.D. & R. Sharon Latta


ISBN:     08824-79814


Pages:   258


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