Understanding Misbehavior: Using Misbehavior as a Guide to Children’s and Teens’ Needs


Stop misbehavior in its tracks by identifying and counteracting the hidden motives driving it.


This quick-reference manual is intended for mental health professionals (including school counselors) and could also be helpful for parents, educators, and others concerned with child and teen misbehavior. Drawing on his decades of practice as a psychotherapist helping stressed families, Dr. John Taylor has simplified the art of uncovering the hidden motives of misbehavior and explains in clear, easy-to-understand terms how to identify which ones apply in any specific instance, and respond with effective intervention. For each of the most common hidden motives this book reveals what the child is trying to prove, ways the adult can either enable (a mistake by the adult) or confront, responses of the child or teen to the adult’s enabling or confronting, and helpful corrective responses for the adult to start using. This manual is a comprehensive guide for dealing with and correcting misbehavior that would otherwise block successful emotional and social development of children and teens.

Author: John F. Taylor, Ph.D.

ISBN: 18840-63012

Pages: 38


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