Tools for Tots: Sensory Strategies for Toddlers and Preschoolers



Hundreds of strategies to reduce the impact and severity of sensory processing impairments among preschoolers.



An excellent supplement to Dr. John Taylor’s explanatory guide, “Understanding Sensory Processing Impairments,” this parent-teacher guide provides a wealth of practical suggestions for managing a wide range of sensory processing impairments, with techniques involving equilibrium, muscle control, touch, hearing, vision, olfaction, and mouth-based interventions. Topics center on tots that are excessive in these areas: sluggish, cautious, touchy, sensitive to sounds, fumbling, tippy-toe, busy, spirited, socially unaware, challenging of change, picky eaters, nail nippers, tub-time hasslers, tooth brush opposers, dressing fighters, hair care opposers, potty training challengers, and bedtime hasslers.


Author:    Diana Henry, Maureen Kane-Wineland, Ph.D. & Susan Swindeman


ISBN:        09779-77013


Pages:      56

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