Tools for Parents: A Handbook to Bring Sensory Integration into the Home



A parent guide for resolving sensory processing impairments in young children.



Most of the symptoms of ADHD reflect sensory processing impairments, as explained in Dr John Taylor’s landmark guide, “Understanding Sensory Processing Impairments.” This set of pages, punched for insertion into any standard 3-ring notebook, enables therapists and parents to work together on home-based activities to assist the young child who has sensory processing impairments, whether or not ADHD is involved. Topics include discovering the child’s sensory needs, preparing the child for sensory challenges, a place for doing homework, solving problems with sitting still, use of scissors and pencils, use of computers, assisting with visual sensory issues, visits to playgrounds and parks, enjoying holidays, indoor and outdoor large-muscle activities, encouraging friendship skills, social stories, responding to challenging behavior, and related issues.


Author:    Diana Henry & Tammy Wheeler


Pages:    38


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