Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight



A comprehensive guide for a teen or adult with sensory avoidance symptoms.



Most of the symptoms of ADHD and autism reflect sensory processing impairments. This creative guide expands upon the help given to children whose sensory processing impairments exhibit primarily as sensory avoidance issues, as described in Dr. John Taylor’s pivotal book, “Learn to Have Fun With Your Senses.” This book applies after the child reader of Dr Taylor’s book has grown into late adolescence or beyond. It is ideal for use as an educational component of therapy by a sensory-motor therapist (PT, OT, SLP) or mental health professional. Topics include having a touchy nervous system, being too aware of sensory inputs to the brain, levels of heightened sensory magnification, sensory avoidance across the lifespan, anxiety and addiction risks, psychosomatic aspects, inventory your own pattern of sensory avoidance, therapeutic body movements, therapeutic use of touch, assessing and meeting your sensory input needs, using music and hearing therapeutically, using rhythm, therapeutic vision options, therapeutic fragrances, personal space, temperature and color of rooms, healthy nutrition as an intervention, breathing and diaphragm exercises, muscle and movement therapy options, and relaxations and meditations. Numerous scientific references and a large index add to its encyclopedic usefulness as a detailed guide.


Author:    Sharon Heller, Ph.D.


ISBN:        978-00609-32923


Pages:      378

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