Tips for Teaching Kids with Asperger’s



An educator’s guide (K-6) for managing students with autism spectrum disorder. 



This book summarizes teacher-friendly ways to grant needed accommodations to students with autism spectrum disorder (formerly labeled Asperger’s disorder). Most often, special procedures are called for because of difficulties in muscle control, repetitive behaviors, profound sensory processing difficulties (SPD), language and speech issues, attentional difficulties, impaired social and emotional status, and similar aspects of autism spectrum disorder. Practical suggestions are provided for seating arrangement, symptom monitoring, transitions, gross and fine motor problems, directionality impairments, tics and robotic movements, SPD issues, bizarre sense of taste, receptive and expressive language issues, personal space requirements, impaired abstract thinking, and numerous other aspects of this condition. This is a very comprehensive, intelligent guide, featuring worksheets, visual aids for the student, and similar enhancements.   


Author:    Marjorie Pike & Kelly Gunzenhauser


ISBN:        9781-6205-73686


Pages:      128


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