The Survival Guide for Making and Being Friends



A user-friendly guide to friendshipping skill development for teens and tweens.



The most frequently expressed self-change request given by tweens and teens with ADHD is to have more friends. Intended to be used independently by the age 8 – 13 reader or accompanied in its use by an adult, this book portrays how to attract and retain high-quality friends. Topics include how to become a better friend, break the ice with new acquaintances, become more comfortable when conversing, plan safe get-togethers, handle negative emotions smoothly, use seven tips for growing a good friendship, employ helpful social etiquette, display empathy, become a “good sport,” do networking, handle ADHD issues, forgive and mend a stressed friendship, know when and how to end a friendship, volunteer and include others, and related skills.


Author:      James Crist, Ph.D.


ISBN:       978-15754-24729


Pages 126


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