The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens



A self-guiding workbook to help teens and tweens boost self-confidence.



Suitable for independent use by the reader or in consultation with a parent or helping professional, this workbook provides forty structured activities and daily affirmations. The activities involve filling in blank lines, drawing a picture, or checking off a list in response to stimulus questions. Topics range widely and help the teen reader learn to understand what healthy self-esteem is, assess positive points, perceive the sources of self-messages, sense personal worth, be resilient against mistakes, avoid unhealthy comparing and judging, be authentic, relate congruently to others and society, accept personal limitations, identify personal preferences, clarify hopes and dreams, perceive personal values and beliefs, and enact related strategies for self-improvement.

Author:      Lisa Schab


ISBN:         978-16088-25820


Pages:       187


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