The School Success Tool Kit



Dr. John Taylor’s distinctive video DVD showing nearly 125 classroom and home-based strategies to compensate for sensory processing impairments and ADHD.


This distinctive 104-minute video by Dr. John Taylor features teachers and parents using strategies in real classrooms and homes. These live demonstrations along with Dr. Taylor’s personal commentaries combine to provide an abundant parade of what to do at home and at school to assist students (K-12) who have ADHD or other conditions featuring significant sensory processing impairments.  Topics include ways to strengthen parent-teacher cooperation,help the student feel more successful, reduce distractibility, insure follow-through on seatwork, provide an organized notebook for the student, streamline and simplify note-taking, reduce fidgeting and provide safe vents for excess energy, develop that “I-Can-Do-It” feeling in the student, insure completion of homework, improve performance on tests and long-term assignments, teach the student key shortcuts to studying, use over 40 specific strategies for challenging subjects like math and spelling, and incorporate many interest-capturing multi-modal activities. Nearly 125 strategies are discussed and/or demonstrated in this comprehensive video.


Author:   John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


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