The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook for Kids


Parents can teach relaxation and other stress-reducing strategies to a child or tween.


Intended to be used by the child or tween reader accompanied by a parent, this self-guiding workbook contains 55 fill-ins, charts, and other activities that help children reduce stress and worry, become less fearful and more self-confident, improve management of difficult emotions, and cope better with transitions and disruptions in routine. Topics range widely and include reducing stress at home, understanding and controlling your responses, breathing strategies, using guided imagery, mindfulness, yoga, fun ways to relax, learning to laugh, and related methods. This book provides an excellent way for family members to come together for ten minutes daily and improve overall emotional tranquility and family harmony.

Author: Lawrence Shapiro, Ph.D. & Robin Sprague

ISBN: 978-15722-45822

Pages: 140



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