The Preschooler’s Busy Book



365 fun and educational movement and sensory-based activities for ages 3 through 6.



For use by parents, child care providers, educators and therapists, this book portrays creative and stimulating activities in a clear format featuring step-by-step instructions and a list of needed items for each. It shows how to prevent boredom, stimulate natural curiosity, keep young children occupied during confined circumstances such as car travel, and celebrate holidays and special occasions with an exciting flair. Some are whole-body activities, and all of them aid in the all-important development of some combination of muscle control and the integration of senses including proprioception, eye-hand coordination, large-muscle coordination, balance, and touch awareness. They are conveniently clustered into rainy day play, kitchen fun, outdoor adventures, out-and-about activities, reading and math fun, music and dance, arts and crafts, birthdays, and holidays.


Author:    Trish Kuffner


ISBN:       978-08816-63518


Pages:     408


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