The New Social Story Book Revised & Expanded


Improve everyday skills in persons with autism and spectrum conditions, PreK to young adults.



This multi-award winning book established a whole new level of intervention for autism by providing understandable instructions and descriptions of interactions that teach social skills. This latest edition also features a CD of printable, editable additional social stories. Most of the stories are a few sentences depicting in a straightforward manner a sequence of events with a positive outcome, such as making a friend or visiting the dentist. The stories involve feelings, growing, people and places, making mistakes, change that always occurs, what people think, what they say and do, sharing, playing games, responding to bullying, telling my teacher about a problem, fire drills at school, moving to a new home, how to win and lose gracefully, appreciating Planet Earth, fires, travel, the evening news, and many others. This book also cites scientific research on the use of this method and includes a glossary with over 500 entries.

Author:      Carol Gray


ISBN:         978-19352-74056


Pages:       326


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