The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide



Help for adults with sensory avoidance symptoms.


All persons with ADHD or autism have sensory processing impairments. One of the few books available addressing adult sensory processing impairments, this practical guidebook puts important concepts into non-technical language the adult with sensory avoidance symptoms can easily relate to. It helps the same sensory avoiders assisted as children and teens in Dr. John Taylor’s landmark book “Learn to Have Fun With Your Senses,” but this book addresses them after they’ve grown up. Topics include how to prepare for daily over-stimulation, calm the senses and cope with time pressure, maintain good health, get better sleep, establish more stable and harmonious relationships, create a peaceful work environment, get grounded and centered, get the best professional help, and related issues.


Author:      Ted Zeff, Ph.D.


ISBN:         978-15722-43965


Pages:       194


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