The Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules, Revised Edition



A guide to day-to-day coping for teens and adults with intellectual and/or social impairments.



This book explains those hundreds of unwritten “rules” or social expectations and customs that help define conformity in school, community, public, and employment settings. Grasping these expectations is extremely challenging for individuals with autism, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual limitations, or any other condition involving profound concreteness of logic. The hundreds of “rules” are cataloged into 26 topic areas presented alphabetically from “airplane trips” and “bathroom rules” to “vacations” and “video games.” It also includes a guide for reading body language as well as helpful explanations for 85 common idioms that are so confusing for individuals with concrete thinking processes (“all ears,” “heart of gold,” etc.).


Author: Brenda Myles, Ph.D., Melissa Trautman & Ronda Schelvan


ISBN: 978-19374-73747


Pages: 110


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