The Arts & Crafts Busy Book



365 educational arts and crafts activities for ages 3 through 6.



There are over 300 types of arts and crafts, and this book employs many of them for use by parents, child care providers, educators and therapists in a clear format featuring step-by-step instructions and a list of needed items for each. It shows how to stimulate creativity and self-expression, experience sensory awareness and fulfillment, develop concentration and coordination, develop organizational and manual dexterity skills, and celebrate holidays and special occasions with a special flair that excites and delights young children.The projects are conveniently clustered into painting, drawing and coloring, printmaking, sculpting and papier-mache, glue and scissors crafts, nature projects, edibles, educational crafts, toys and gifts, and holiday crafts. Play is children’s work, and these activities aid in the all-important development of muscle control and the integration of senses including of proprioception, eye-hand coordination, and touch awareness.


Author:    Trish Kuffner


ISBN:       978-08816-64348


Pages:     408


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