Sticks and Stones: 7 Ways Your Child Can Deal with Teasing



A parenting guide for helping children cope with hurtful words others tell them.



Being victimized through bullying and social rejection are common components of the ADHD symptom picture.  This encouraging book tackles the difficult topic of children who are locked into a conflict or victimized by criticism, teasing, ridicule, or coercion. It shows how parents, teachers and counselors can equip children to counter the hurtful words others are using against them. It features numerous examples, sample scripts, and easy-to-teach exercises to help them gain confidence to speak up for themselves with effective assertiveness. Topics include resisting peer pressure, accepting responsibility, shutting down bullies, resolving conflicts, overcoming shyness, and ceasing self-defeating thoughts.


Author:      Scott Cooper


ISBN:        978-08129-32409


Pages:      200


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