Stand Up to Bullying!



This book uses humor to empower bystanders who witness a potential bullying event to step forward and help prevent bullying.



Children with ADHD are over-represented as victims and as perpetrators of bullying. With over 70 attractive cartoon illustrations, this clever pocket-size book escorts the child or teen reader in an entertaining way through topics that provide reassurance and positive action steps to avoid being bullied and help others avoid being bully victims. The primary intended reader is the bystander who otherwise would witness but not take any action after a bullying event. It features a fascinating revelation of famous people who were bullied, and how each was bullied in childhood. It reveals the roles children and teens often take in the bullying scenario: bully, assistant to the bully, interested audience, target (victim) and bystander. Topics also include a survey of the varieties of bullying, the seriousness and impacts of bullying, “ten super ways to stand up to bullying,” and other compelling and empowering strategies. It can serve as a humorous self-guiding assist or be read by the teen or tween along with an adult, and it makes an outstanding group discussion starter about bullying and personal safety issues.

Author: Phyllis Goldstein & Elizabeth Verdick


ISBN:   978-15754-24835


Pages: 126


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