Special Diets for Special Kids



The ultimate guide for understanding and implementing the gluten- and casein-free (GFCF) diet.



Replete with new research backing up the GFCF diet, over 200 recipes, and color photos throughout, this huge authoritative manual describes dietary interventions to compensate for the enzyme deficiencies leading to gluten and casein digestive issues that often ultimately worsen symptoms of ADHD, autism and certain other medical and psychiatric conditions. It also discusses other special diets of possible use with autism, especially if GFCF seems ineffective: Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Body Ecology Diet, and Low Oxalate Diet. Topics include how to emphasize safe nutrient-rich foods, get around cost issues to use the GFCF diet inexpensively, take shortcuts to kitchen basics to ease food preparation burden, why casein and gluten allergies develop so often in ADHD and autism, the functions of various vitamins and minerals, accurate testing for allergies, safe forms of flour and other ingredients in cooking, and related issues.


Author:    Lisa Lewis, Ph.D.


ISBN:      978-19352-74124


Pages:    388


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