Sleep and Your Special Needs Child



A modern, science-based comprehensive parent’s guide to solving sleep-related issues.



Special-needs children have more sleep disturbance issues than neuro-typical children, and the results of built-up sleep debt can be devastating to their symptom picture. The majority of children with autism and about half of all children with ADHD, for example, suffer from these issues. This book provides some answers, most of which are in line with Dr. John Taylor’s writings and teachings on sleep with ADHD and reflect modern research findings. Numerous case history examples reassure about the effectiveness of the suggestions.  Topics include naps and sleep diary charting, sleep-quality issues (night terrors, sleepwalking, bed-wetting), nutrition and beverage consumption, toxic chemical exposure, exercise, medications at bedtime, circadian rhythm and bedtime routines, TV before bedtime, exercise and bathing, physical preparation of the bedroom (color, noise, bedding), relaxation and stress management skills, and child discipline at bedtime.


Author:     Antonia Chitty & Victoria Dawson


ISBN:        978-07198-07916


Pages:      190


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