Sensory Integration Tools for Teens: Strategies to Promote Sensory Processing



A unique teen- and tween-friendly guide for obtaining sensory fulfillment and resolving sensory processing impairments.




Most of the symptoms of ADHD reflect sensory processing impairments, as explained in Dr John Taylor’s landmark guide, “Understanding Sensory Processing Impairments.” With warmth and sensitivity to its teen and tween readership, this unique set of pages, punched for insertion into any standard 3-ring notebook, enables teens and tweens to work in partnership with their teachers, therapists and parents. The focus is on home- and school-based activities to experience sensory fulfillment in healthy ways and to redeem any sensory processing impairments, whether or not ADHD is involved. It begins with a self-report survey of sensory needs to share with adults. The  emphasis is to arrange sensory fulfilling experiences such as exercise, chewing tart candy (to increase alertness for taking a test at school) and dimming lights for a nap. This collection of pages helps the reader understand nuances of the brain during adolescence, get healthy sleep, find appropriate ways to satisfy sensory seeking needs, create personal “space” at home and school, use sensory satisfying movement of arms and legs, strengthen large leg and torso muscles in fun ways, understand the sense of touch, make healthy food texture choices, provide healthy stimulation for eyes and ears, and related skills.


Author:    Diana Henry, Tammy Wheeler & Deanna Sava


Pages:    50


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